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Fashion Stylist / Online Course

A fashion course that starts from the creation of the fashion figurine and is completed with the coloring of the same, thus creating a real fashion garment designed in all details.

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By purchasing the course you can draw and color your fashion items from A to Z. You can create a collection that represents and enhances your ideas, with touches of color and fabrics suitable for the designed models. A starting point for designers, influencers and fashion professionals! #course #fahsion #influencer.
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  • The fashion sketch

    The fashion sketch becomes a specialization for a particularly creative artist. Great Italian tailors, such as Pino Lancetti, made their debut in the world of fashion as sketch designers.

  • Collections

    It’s a set of clothes that the designer presents to every season, behind which hides a huge job of research. The choice of style and the commercial target is fundamental.

  • History of Fashion

    The term fashion indicates one or more collective behaviors with changing criteria. This term is often related to the way of dressing. Historically, fashion is called costume.

  • History of Style

    Fashion styles are many. Many of them are also similar and often differ only for some accessories. Are we able to recognize them?

  • Step by Step Learning

    The course is presented in a step-by-step manner that guarantees everyone the possibility of becoming good and prepared stylists. Follow the tutorials and you'll find out how easy it is!

  • Video Tutorial

    It's an exclusive of our Academy! The video tutorials will allow you to learn and correct your sketches, thus speeding up the study process.